Cidar Labs



The goal of Cidar Labs is to create software tools which make synthetic biology more effective by integrating concepts from electronic design automation into the specification, design, and assembly of complex biological systems.

A website was needed to help explain exactly how the tools and the team achieve that goal. We worked closely with the scientists and graduate students of Boston University’s Cidar Labs to create a web platform from which they could share their research.


A visit to Cidar Lab’s and you’ll quickly realize that all of the team’s research and tools are readily available, just a few clicks away. This was the driving design strategy of this project. Cidar’s purpose is to find new ways to create automation for complex problems and processes and then releasing those solutions to the public. However, if the public can’t find these tools, then there is a major flaw in the design.

We designed a two-click process that would allow users to find exactly what they were looking as quickly as possible. Our analytics show that visitors are able to get to the information they need and download whatever research or application they are looking for within a matter of seconds. Isn’t this exactly what the web was meant for? Somewhere out there, Tim Berners-Lee is proud.

Not convinced? Visit the site for youself!


It’s important to remember that branding for research purposes is just as important as branding for retail purposes. Just because you’re giving something away doesn’t mean you should sacrifice recognition. In the field of academics, it’s the strength of your work that defines you and we believe that constitutes the need for a strong visual brand as well.

For Cidar Labs, we created new logos and brands for both the main lab and each of it’s projects. Color palettes, style, and text all lead back to a central theme of both science and humanity. Each logo is built so that when someone sees one, they will instantly recognize that it belongs to the Cidar Lab family. The idea is to give credit where credit is due, and a strong brand will always lead your customers back to the source – your business.

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