Totally MAD

It's MAD totally trashed! What, me worry?

 Totally MAD – CD rom

Hopping worked with Mattel and MAD Magazine to design the “Totally MAD” software package, 1999. After much brainstorming with MAD, the theme became MAD trash. The opening scene for the software was the sound of a trash truck backing up and dumping into an alley revealing the scene above. It was animated and linked to all the sections of the software. We were tasked to develop engaging  formats for users to search and read selected issues of the publication and consumption of its media content. We created all screen art, animations, and design concepts as well as elevating user-interaction. Critical to the task was a need to embrace the irreverent style of MAD.

Client MAD Magazine and Mattel
Task Design all screens, media viewers and user interaction
Category Software
Role Art Direction, Interface Design, Collaborator and Graphic Design

MAD magazine viewing screens for the magazines and MAD Media  had to include interactions to access deeper information. The pull-down navigation changed many times, including a piece of gum that could be stretched across the screen. I designed the main magazine issue viewer based on an Etch-a-Sketch. The names tossed about were Wretch-a-Sketch and Blech-a-Sketch but MAD finally choose Veeble-Fetzer! I further designed every product screen to have a tie-in to toys and items from the 60’s including a ratchety metal toy search field and a write-on eraser pads to make note of use’s favorite content – all trashed of course. Kudos to the sound designer because the effects for this product were amazing.

We won two awards for this project. 2000 Invision we won a new media award in the world’s premier technology competition and and an ID Magazine award in 2oo1.