Totally MAD Website

Graphic Design / Web Design

To support the sales of the Totally MAD CD, 1999, I was tasked with creating an interactive website to have  many of the same features as the CD-rom and more. It had fold ins, “Alfred says” MADisms, a media viewer. As with the software it needed to embrace the irreverent style of MAD. With robust back-end programming it would have been a great, but ownership of the site got messy and Totally never went live. But thanks to the marvelous web crawler, the internet archive “wayback machine,” an online snapshot version exists in cyberspace and you can see it here!  Yeah, some things were lost in translation… 🙂

Client MAD Magazine and Mattel
Task Create a companion website for Totally MAD with the same look and interactions
Category Web design
Role Graphic Design, Interface Design, Art Direction