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I began working freelance as Hopping Media in 1998. At that time I was living in Silicon Valley, California where I worked as graphic designer, creative and art director, for a wide range of clients and projects. I’ve done branding, print, collateral, digital media, illustration, photo retouching, website design/maintenance, packaging, advertising (display, magazine and newspaper), trade shows, signage, and magazine layout. I am skilled in typography, composition and color theory.

In the 1900’s when the web started to become mainstream I became an asset for many companies to create their online presence. I worked with programmers on hi-tech and start-up web projects for both intranet (internal) business applications for companies like Microsoft and Adobe, and internet applications for consumers. My role was to participate in “blue sky thinking” then help design and build web applications that did not exist as the time. I worked directly with clients to flush out their ideas, programmers to determine feasibility and cost, then provide the graphic content and ongoing input to execute those concepts.  Also have worked with clients to evaluate and propose better site structure and user experience. I had a similar role in working with Broderbund/Mattel and MAD Magazine in the conception and creation of the software for Totally MAD CD-Rom. 

I am skilled in designing while holding true to brand. I enjoy working as a member of a creative team and have collaborated with PR firms, advertising agencies, marketing communication and software developers as creative and content provider. I have managed projects, photographers, copywriters printing. content providers as well as other designers. For many clients I have been the single source of graphic design. I have many testimonials from clients I have worked for who are also willing to be contacted as references.


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  • November 15, 2018

Torn Paper as “paint”

Throughly enjoying using magazine paper torn into bits of color and texture. Using glue in thick brush strokes it looks like paint. So much fun.

  • May 17, 2018

Terebinth tree logo created in illustrator

I’m very happy with the logo / icon tree I drew for the terebinth trilogy. It was a learning curve (ha!) to draw beautiful lines but I was able to keep the overall look in my own “style” of playful abandon.


  • May 15, 2018

Butterfly Series

I’ve started a new project with magazine paper, pencil and acrylic paint. It’s hands on messy fun and suits my style perfectly. I start with a 12″ x 12″ canvas board and cover it with a collage of analogous images that I think of as “what lies beneath.” I take that color scheme and paint over it with a color from the same family creating an abstract background. Keeping with the analogous from the base layer, I use the magazine paper to create these playful images. My current plan is to mount a collection so that they become part of a much larger piece. I have a story that I wrote that’s my inspiration for putting them all together. When I’m ready I’ll include with the piece.

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