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I am currently working remotely with White Pony Express, a California non-profit that redistributes food and supplies to those in need in Contra Costa County. It is rewarding to do graphic design for such a good cause. I’m working directly with the communication director to provide a broad range of assets while holding true to brand.

Since starting Hopping Media in 1980, I have worked as designer, art director and project manager for a broad range of projects and clients from branding for start-ups to specialty projects for larger clients including Facebook, Microsoft and Adobe.

Originally based in Silicon Valley, Hopping Media was one of the first graphic studios capable of designing, creating graphic assets and programing in HTML. We were brought into web projects for many high-tech companies as well designing and building consumer websites.

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Hopping Media

Web Design

I design websites using Word Press and can work with other website platforms as well. I also update and create new content for client’s established websites,

Graphic Design

I have years of experience designing for broad range of clients, Projects have included full-service packages for small start-ups, targeted products within branding guidelines and graphic marketing campaigns, I can create art for any application whether its traditional print or digital.

Motion Graphics

Though Hopping, I manage projects for video, photography, infographics, animation, sound and 3d rendering – Hopping has been at the forefront of streaming media and continues to use leading edge technologies.


In developing a brand, I research information on similar products, create color pallets based on design trends in their market, and descriptive words that will translate into design concepts, logo and branding. I am also skilled in designing within a client’s existing branding for both marketing and corporate applications.


I art direct editorial and product photography through Hopping. Working with images, I can take things beyond color balance and retouching to creative photo manipulation.

UI and Application Design

I  understand user expectations and work in collaboration with clients, creating content and structure for their target audience. Less is more. It’s a one-click world. Through Hopping, I bring that sensibility into the creation of mobile applications.


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This and that…

  • May 17, 2018

Terebinth tree logo created in illustrator

I’m very happy with the logo / icon tree I drew for the terebinth trilogy. It was a learning curve (ha!) to draw beautiful lines but I was able to keep the overall look in my own “style” of playful abandon.


  • May 15, 2018

Butterfly Series

I’ve started a new project with magazine paper, pencil and acrylic paint. It’s hands on messy fun and suits my style perfectly. I start with a 12″ x 12″ canvas board and cover it with a collage of analogous images that I think of as “what lies beneath.” I take that color scheme and paint over it with a color from the same family creating an abstract background. Keeping with the analogous from the base layer, I use the magazine paper to create these playful images. My current plan is to mount a collection so that they become part of a much larger piece. I have a story that I wrote that’s my inspiration for putting them all together. When I’m ready I’ll include with the piece.

  • April 16, 2018

Stream of Consciousness Sketching


Working on new styles of art
Leonia, New Jersey is an artist community. It’s full of painters, sculptors, musicians, vocalists, songwriters, writers, poets and actors. In the past two months I’ve met and made friends with many and find myself influenced to grow as an artist. I am learning new mediums and styles starting with abstract impressionistic sketches. I’ve brought this one into photoshop and played with it with beautiful results. I think my next step will be to sketch on canvas, with layers and acrylic wash.. Read More

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